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When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal. (James 3:3)

Expanded Passage: James 3:3-5

Regina had failed her driving test five times prior and was petrified about the prospect of getting behind the wheel to attempt her sixth test. As she set off in the car with the examiner beside her, she felt a lump in her throat. Her mind began to race. Just then the examiner said in a soft voice, “Just pretend that you are driving me to your favorite place.” Regina was taken aback by the examiner's request, and almost immediately, she felt some of the tension in her body dissipate.

Most of us know what it feels like to hear a calming word when we need it most. Being on the receiving end of that word can alleviate the most extreme emotions. On the other hand, being on the receiving end of a cruel word can stir up unnecessary fear, doubt, or dread.

In this passage of Scripture, James gave multiple analogies to describe the potency of words. When we are careless with our words, we are in danger of causing harm. It is important that we be intentional with our words. As believers we ought to bear the character of Christ. Our words are an indication of whether we are truly walking in step with God. When we choose loving words, we demonstrate the love of Christ.

Be cognizant of the effects of what you say.

Olivia Isra’el is a wife and mother, and a psychological practitioner. Her love for writing has led her to convey the love of God through text.

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