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But the rich should take pride in their humiliation—since they will pass away like a wild flower. (James 1:10)

Expanded Passage: James 1:9-10

Recently, my husband bought our family a new car. With all its bells and whistles, this vehicle was our first new car, rather than simply being “new to us.” One Sunday morning, when I was feeling incredibly accomplished in time management, I parked in a spot in a remote part of our church parking lot. I was aware that the distance between myself and the sanctuary would help ensure I met my daily step quota. I entered the church building full of pride, knowing I had completed my morning to-dos after arriving in style in my beautiful new car. When leaving the church, I noticed a small crowd had gathered around my parking spot. As I got closer, I realized it wasn’t because they were so impressed, but rather that the steeple had fallen on my new vehicle during the morning service. The newness factor was gone!

We all must hold loosely to the things of this world. The temptation is to run after shiny riches. Yet the memory of the steeple lying across the hood of my car will forever serve as a great reminder that I must guard my heart against pride. Nothing in this world prequalifies us for anything in the kingdom of God. That’s why Jesus said, “The last will be first, and the first will be last” (Matt. 20:16).

Guard your heart against pride.

Holly Atkinson is a graduate of Oklahoma Wesleyan University and Wesley Seminary (IN). She serves as an assistant principal at a private school in Florida and is married to Pastor Derek Atkinson. They have two girls.

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