Everyone is trying to find purpose in life. Many go through life wondering why they were made by God. Part of the personal privilege I have is to witness students say, “yes” to God when considering their life calling. In fact, at Follow 2015 two weeks ago I saw 552 students accept God’s call on their lives to enter vocational ministry. In the same moment, I witnessed an additional 778 students accept God’s call on their lives to enter a life of dedicated service to Jesus and his church, regardless of the wholesome vocation they eventually choose. It is the highlight of my life to engage with people who listen and respond to God’s calling on their lives.

There are others I personally know who blatantly disobey God’s voice and run from his calling. They have every excuse. Their reasons for pursuing personal interests sound incredibly rational and convincing. They are scared. They are miserable. They know they are running away from God’s best for their lives. Yet they continue to go in the opposite direction from God’s will.

Last week, my mechanic told me he was called by God to be the best engine guy in our county. I told him I appreciated that. Not only for my car’s sake, but for his obedience. There are many in my life who are called by God to be who they are and do what they do in everyday circumstances. Some are in vocational ministry. Some serve the Lord with gladness where he has placed them. All honor Christ as if they were working and living for him.

Are you called? Perhaps this is a much deeper and meaningful question than wondering what your purpose is in life. Maybe it’s time to stop running. I urge you today that this could be the day of renewing your commitment to Christ and his will for your life.

Dr. Jim Dunn is executive director of Church Multiplication and Discipleship for The Wesleyan Church.

Photo credit: Brian Stansberry