A regular attender of about a year or so has grown so much in their faith here at Journeymate Ministry Wesleyan Church (JMWC) in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, that when an unexpected inheritance came, the recipient wrestled with what to do with it. The end result was doing what we preach and teach here, “Take every thought captive before the Lord’ and ask Jesus what he would want you to do. The recipient heard clearly from the Lord, a rare, but building experience for this person, to give 10 percent to Journeymate. The recipient has done that. The story gets better.

At a recent Spiritual Advisory Board meeting, there was a discussion about what to do with the money. We had lost a third of our tithes and offerings as we went to a membership model over a Bible study group model even though everyone knew that was where we were heading. The Spiritual Advisory Board voted unanimously to put the bulk of the money, which was three-fourths of what we had lost, into our church planting campaign. We have aligned ourselves with our district and The Wesleyan Church to support church multiplication.

Our fund at this point is at $12,012 and growing. Not pledges, cash. It has not been designated yet to a certain work that God would have for us to do, but we are a church-planting church and trust God will speak as to where and what we should do. Our faith is strong in an Almighty God to supply our needs and as we as a church continue to grow with Jesus, we are excited to see what only God can do.

Be encouraged. God is on the move and JMWC will be targeting some ZIP codes for and with Jesus Christ.

As a church plant, we needed our folks to get grounded in their faith to be able to share the hope they have in Jesus.

My friends, the time is now and the best is yet to come!

With respect to God and to You,

Pastor Tom Carney

Journeymate Wesleyan Church


“Pastor Tom planted his church in 2011, and has been talking and praying about where the next plant will be,” said Executive Director of Church Multiplication and Discipleship Anita Eastlack. “Please join me in celebrating how he leads with a passion for evangelism as he focuses on discipleship and church multiplication. Pastor Tom is a great example for all of us as we keep the ‘why’ of our mission at the forefront, reaching one person at a time with the love, hope and forgiveness of Jesus.”