Some of my favorite moments as General Superintendent involve seeing the power and possibilities of a Kingdom Force in action — a multigenerational, multiethnic, multieconomic, women and men or lay and clergy, from everywhere to everywhere, movement.

I love seeing “lay and clergy” in full ministry partnership, each celebrating the contribution of the other:

  • LifePoint Church, Washington, D.C., area. Pastor Michael Rogalski commissioned “everyday missionaries” sent into everyday places where they live, work and play. He said, “We are not calling you to leave it, but to be in it to win it.” Lay leader Earl McJett enthusiastically embodies that commission as he works in government.
  • Mosaic Midtown Church, Detroit, Michigan. Avaney Brown is celebrated by Pastor Mick Veach as she spearheads church outreach and works in the hotel industry.
  • College Church, Marion, Indiana. Pastor Steve DeNeff invests in Jeff Clark (basketball coach) and Trent Dailey (businessman), who intentionally steward their everyday contexts to make disciples.
  • Faith Legacy Church, Sacramento, California. Jeff Jennings chooses to be co-vocational, fulfilling his pastoral calling as lead pastor and his marketplace calling through his architectural firm.
  • Trinity Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. Yaremi Alicea-Morales is living out her faith as a global marketing brand manager with a pharmaceutical company, equipped to make disciples by pastors, Jon Wiest and Mike Colaw.
  • Heritage Church, Quad Cities. Business owner Paul VanDuyne and Pastor Shawn Cossin collaborate to bring regional vitality through a transforming presence.

I love talking with individuals, just like those mentioned above, and celebrating Kingdom Force through their eyes and words.

I don’t like to refer to clergy and lay separately. We are equally Christian and equally called in the “priesthood of all believers.”

All and each disciple makers, we partner together for kingdom purposes!