October 13, 2020 – 12 PM Eastern

Our discipleship efforts must reach “from everywhere to everywhere” and that includes populations in sheltered communities. Join me Tuesday, October 13 at noon ET for an invigorating conversation about what we can learn from discipleship in prison populations and recovering communities. Among those included in the conversation will be Bernie Haddad from Mercy Unleashed. 


Below are webinars that showcase discipleship models. View webinars from ministry leaders who have shared what they do in their context. While each context is unique, these models can provide helpful starts as you think about designing discipleship journeys for your church.

Previous Discipleship Webinars

Catalytic Conversations

Would you like to connect with a Wesleyan community to share in shaping discipleship culture that is relevant to your starting point? Join our next Discipleship Conversation to hear how we are expanding discipleship conversations across the spectrum.

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Digital Discipleship

In this new media age, we offer worship services online, but what do we do about discipleship? How do we answer the call of the Great Commission in digital space? Join the Discipleship Conversation on Tuesday, June 9 at noon EST.

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