Below are webinars that showcase discipleship models. View webinars from ministry leaders who have shared what they do in their context. While each context is unique, these models can provide helpful starts as you think about designing discipleship journeys for your church.

Previous Discipleship Webinars

Multi-Generational Church

The church is designed to work in and through ALL believers, in every season of life. We are never too young or too old for the Holy Spirit to use us.

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A Culture of Catalytic Disciple-Making

Join us for a time of encouragement and learning with Pastors Sarah and Johel Rodriguez, and Pastor Kirt Herbert as we discuss how evangelism and disciple-making can build the culture supporting Acts 1:8 multiplication in the local church.

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The G3:28 Project

Join the conversation as we welcome Richard Meeks from the Greater Ohio District to share with us about the G3:28 project. Hear about the upcoming Freedom Tour and the Reconciliation Forums that are being birthed out of this movement.

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Next Gen Discipleship

Meet our new Director of Next Gen Discipleship, Rev. Santes Beatty, and hear his vision for discipling the next generation of Wesleyans. What are the challenges? What are some of the equipping tools we have?

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Emotionally Healthy Leaders

The leader sets the bar. So what does it mean to lead in an Emotionally Healthy Way? Join the conversation today at noon ET as we explore dynamics of leading well. Joining us will be Pastors Peter Yoshonis, and Pastor Jervie Windom.

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