October 17, 2019 – 12 PM Eastern

Join us for our next Discipleship Conversations webinar on Thursday, October 17. We’ll be exploring: Discipleship in Multiethnic Communities. Hear about some “best practices and things to avoid.” You don’t want to miss this candid conversation, so save the date.


Below are webinars that showcase discipleship models. View webinars from ministry leaders who have shared what they do in their context. While each context is unique, these models can provide helpful starts as you think about designing discipleship journeys for your church.


What does it mean to be a present in a changing zip code? Every church is on a unique journey. So whether you want to learn about, welcome or connect with immigrants, our September 19th webinar on Immigrant Connection will help resource the conversation for your church or small group. We welcome you to join live by clicking the link above or by joining on Facebook on September 19, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST.

Previous Discipleship Webinars

Connecting with Immigrant Neighbors

What's it mean to be a transforming presence in a changing zip code? Looking to be more effective at connecting with immigrants in your zip code? Discover resources to launch forward during our conversation with Immigrant Connection Practitioners.

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Community Discipleship

What does it look like to disciple a community? Are there principles that can help us be intentional about our interactions? Let’s talk about it in our July webinar. Join host Kim Gladden and guests Dan Walker and Bernie Haddad to explore this topic.

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Webinar Global Discipleship: Mexico

God’s at work around the world! And we can glean discipleship inspiration from our brothers and sisters around the globe. Featured guest, Pastor Alejandro Sicilia, lead pastor of Senda de Vida, a thriving network of Wesleyan churches in Mexico, City.

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Evangelism and Discipleship Webinar

What’s the connection between evangelism and discipleship? Our featured guest will be Chris Conrad, District Superintendent of the Great Lakes region. Streaming from Facebook and YouTube you are invited to join in this discipleship conversation.

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