July 14, 2020 – 12 PM Eastern

Do you have a desire to disciple across ethnic lines? Do you want to grow your church’s Cultural Intelligence? On July 14 at noon EST join a Discipleship Conversation webinar on Cultural Intelligence in the Church. Learn more about how you and your team can:

  • Be better prepared for a cross-cultural witness of your faith
  • Relate to other cultures from a posture of humility
  • Increase your understanding of the norms of other cultures

Joining me will be a panel of leaders sharing their journey in this area, along with panelists who are certified in Cultural Intelligence Training.


Below are webinars that showcase discipleship models. View webinars from ministry leaders who have shared what they do in their context. While each context is unique, these models can provide helpful starts as you think about designing discipleship journeys for your church.

Previous Discipleship Webinars

Worship As Discipleship

Retooling your worship service? What elements make for effective discipleship through worship? The landscape has changed for many, but the underlying principles remain relevant. Join the conversation with Josh Lavender, Maribeth Jennings and others.

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Discipleship in Marriage

Have you ever thought about how marriage can be used in discipleship and in reality is discipleship? Join us as guests, John and Becci Wood share just how God's design in marriage is a very real tool in drawing people to Himself.

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