“I tell you the truth, he will put him in charge of all his possessions.” (Matt. 24:47)

PERHAPS THE FIRST “most important” decision we made as parents was to find just the right childcare for our son, now eighteen years old. We toured various child care centers in the community and interviewed in-home babysitters. We pondered, prayed, and listed the pros and cons. It was critical that our precious child be in safe, loving hands when I returned to work.

Parents make countless important decisions when raising children, and some of them are made before our little ones ever enter the world. Planning and preparing for the birth of a child is an active process that involves much more effort and thought than some other aspects of pregnancy, such as eating strange foods and dealing with hormonal outbursts!

While Jesus instructed us to be watchful and ready for His return, He didn’t intend for us to sit around merely contemplating the eternal home that awaits us. Instead, we are to prepare by keeping busy at His work here on earth. We are to care for His people and bring more believers to Him. We are to be active in our preparations for His big arrival. There is much to do.

Parents are blessed with children and expected to care for them. Likewise, Christians have been given opportunities to serve God’s creation in our churches and communities, and He expects us to do that.

Do something today in preparation for Christ’s return.

Hally Franz is a high school guidance counselor turned stay-at-home mom. She enjoys being a 4-H leader, church secretary, book club member, and traveler.

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