“He who receives you receives me, and he who receives me receives the one who sent me.” (Matt. 10:40)

ADVISING THE FIRST CHRISTIAN PREACHERS, Jesus told them that those who received the disciples as they went about preaching and teaching were receiving Jesus. What an awesome privilege and responsibility the disciples had to represent Jesus. They were His voice when they preached. They were His hands when they healed the sick, cleansed the lepers, and drove out demons.

We have that same privilege and responsibility, for your life and mine may be the only Bible some people will ever read. They may not pick up a tangible Bible, but our words and actions can be instructive when we represent Jesus well.

Helen Roseveare went to Zaire to be a missionary doctor. Upon her request for a book on how to build a hospital, her mother sent her a book on how to make kiln-fired bricks. Working with the rough bricks drew blood from her hands. She was feeling sorry for herself when someone called her to perform emergency surgery. Can you imagine scrubbing those raw hands and pouring alcohol on them? Later, one of the African workers said, “When you are in surgery you are like a god. You terrify us. But when you’re at the brick kiln and your fingers drip blood like ours, you’re our sister. We love you!” Her example demonstrated the love of Christ to them. To whom will you be an example today?

Be the voice and the hands of Christ to someone today.

Ron McClung serves as assistant general secretary for The Wesleyan Church and lives in Fishers, Indiana, with his wife, Carol. They have two sons, nine grandchildren, and two great-granddaughters.

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