When is General Conference?

The 14th General Conference of The Wesleyan Church is scheduled for May 22-25, 2022 at America’s Center in St. Louis, MO.

Can I come to General Conference?

Yes! Registered guests are welcome to come to St. Louis for General Conference.

Does it cost anything to come to the conference?

No. Registered guests are invited into the conference hall at no expense. However, guests will be responsible for acquiring accommodations and meals.

When will Guest registration be available?

Conference registration for guests will be available in February, 2022. Please note that hotel accommodations for guests must be arranged personally and will not be provided or booked via The Wesleyan Church.

Are there discount codes or coupon codes for hotels?

The Wesleyan Church is not providing discount codes or group rates through any partner hotels, which is a change from past General Conferences.

When will Exhibitor details be available?

Exhibitor registration concluded October 15, 2021. For more details, contact Nancy Mills at nancy.mills@mywesleyan.org.

When will Delegate registration be available?

Delegate registration began October 25, 2021 in coordination with district administrators. Delegates may receive updates by contacting their district office.