Machelle Young is Customer Engagement Coordinator and has been with Wesleyan Publishing Houes (WPH) for a little under 5 years. She just moved to Bozeman, Montana and manages the Customer Engagement team while enjoying a beautiful view of the mountainous landscape.

Machelle is responsible for serving customers by answering WPH customer emails and phone calls. She ensures orders are placed, tracked and delivered in a timely manner, and is the liaison between WPH and our website hosting partner regarding maintenance, upgrades and daily use concerning our online store. Her favorite thing about her job is knowing it is more of a ministry than a job. She loves serving the church in this capacity, bringing books and resources to people in order to further the Kingdom.

Purple Fish by Mark O. Wilson is Machelle’s favorite WPH book and Light from the Word daily devotional is her favorite WPH resource.

As Christmas approaches, she looks forward to the family tradition where the youngest child who can read reads the Christmas story from the book of Luke before they open gifts.

Machelle works hard to make sure every person who calls in or emails knows that their needs will be meet to the best of her ability. She tries to treat every person as if she were helping a family member by focusing her attention on them and really listening to their needs. Her goal is to leave a smile on their faces and positive thoughts for Wesleyan Publishing House. She wants our customers to know that they are loved.

We are grateful for Machelle’s heart for the Church and desire to care for all of our customers!