This is especially true of those who follow the corrupt desire of the sinful nature and despise authority. (2 Pet. 2:10)

WE DO WHATEVER WE WANT, whenever we want, however we want, and it isn’t anyone else’s business to say if it is right or wrong. Is that your way of thinking? Do you notice this philosophy being fleshed out in your surroundings? It is true that we all have the God-given free will to decide what we will do. This fact is critical evidence of God’s sovereign love for His creation, and when we receive His unconditional love for us, we are to love all who have been created in His likeness.

Yet love is generally not our first response to those with whom we disagree. When we see someone denying or living outside the will and Word of God, we have a tendency to judge that person. We feel as if it is our job to tell others when they are wrong. That seems right to us. But what if God wants us to love that person?

This teaching is not an untethered tolerance or endorsement of sinful living. We understand the difference between right and wrong, but it is not our job to judge or condemn others. God will bring justice. Self-willed sinners will condemn themselves by their own engagement in lawless words and deeds. Our job is to obey God’s commands while speaking His truth in love to all.

Be slow to judge but quick to love.

Jim Dunn is the Vice President of Church Relations for Wesleyan Investment Foundation. He resides with his family in the Indianapolis area.