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“Anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” (Matt. 10:37)

Expanded Passage: Matthew 10:37

During my childhood, a time prior to social media and video chat, I did not live near my grandparents. In order for me to communicate with my grandfather, we would call each other, and he would write me letters. Those letters would be full of his beautiful writing, loving words, and wisdom. Although each letter was different, one thing always stayed the same—the way he would conclude each one. At the end of each of his sweet letters, he would sign his name, and under his signature would be the line, “Always put Jesus first.”

In this verse, Jesus continued to explain to his disciples what they would face when he sent them out. Jesus understood that the message he was sending them out with would create a divide, even among families. Therefore, he told them to always keep God first. He was not telling them to hate their families. Later in Matthew’s Gospel, he explained the two greatest commandments: love God with your whole being and love others. He was explaining to them that not everyone is going to accept the Word of God. Even if their families rejected them for the message, they should not turn away from it, but keep Jesus first.

All throughout Scripture, the message is clear: keep God first in your life, no matter what.

Always put Jesus first.

Andrew Christman, a proud veteran of the US Army, serves as a hospital chaplain in Columbia, SC. He is a graduate of Wesley Seminary (IN) and an ordained Wesleyan pastor.

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