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I establish my covenant with you . . . a covenant for all generations to come. (Gen. 9:11–12)

Earlier in chapter 8 we read that God remembered Noah and all that were with him on the ark. This phrase brings the entirety of Noah’s story together. God specifically called out one man and his family to start the entirety of creation over again. God called on them to start anew. Through Jesus, we too are made new. Through one man, God again saved the world, not from physical destruction, but from a death that would separate God and man forever.

God demonstrated his love through Jesus and through Noah. Throughout the story of Noah, his family, the flood, and the new covenant, we see the love of God for humanity and the rest of creation. We see that God was there for them through it all, even though Noah and his family may not have noticed God with them—just like we as Christians can sometimes forget how close God is to us and how much he loves us and desires us to recognize him. But God remembers us—and the generations to come. Each one of us is a precious son or daughter to him.

Remember God loves all creation enough to get us through it all.

Aaron Miller is a licensed minister at Bay City Wesleyan Church of the Great Lakes District of The Wesleyan Church. He loves spending time with family and meeting new people.

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