You alone are to be feared. (Ps. 76:7)

MY CHILDHOOD FRIENDS USED TO talk about who’s older brother was the strongest. We would compare muscles, height, weight, speed, and other attributes to come up with our conclusions. We all knew that whomever was determined to be the strongest was to be feared the most. We had no hard data, only opinions.

The writer of Psalm 76 knew God well enough that no one should ever attempt to mess with Him. He is definitely the strongest on any block. Look at the list the Psalmist comes up with demonstrating God’s power and strength, even His wrath if you decide to toy with Him:

  • His name is above all names.
  • He has the ability to dwell everywhere.
  • He has authority over war, warriors, even the weapons of war.
  • He rules over nature.
  • He rules over mighty warriors and their tools or war.
  • He reigns supreme over all including those who try to stand on their own.
  • God rules both heaven and earth.
  • God is sovereign over judgment, justice, as well as righteousness.
  • He is the creator of love and loyalty.
  • He governs over all rulers and kings.
  • He holds all and all things right and good in His hand.

Unlike my childhood friends, the psalmist had a solid basis for drawing conclusions about who is most fearsome. We serve an awesome God who is worthy of our praise.

List ten things you love about God.

Jim Dunn is vice-president of church relations for Wesleyan Investment Foundation, and is a former pastor and church leader.

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