When Tracy Marr, student pastor at Havelock Wesleyan Church in Nova Scotia, Canada, learned of a single mom in need, he stepped into action.

A single mom of two young children who attends Havelock had a dire need for firewood. Their primary source for heat is wood and with recent temperatures below zero in the area, her firewood supply was running low.

So Marr organized a group of teenagers from Havelock Wesleyan, as well as some who don’t have a home church, to cut firewood in the midst of a blizzard and in minus 15-degree (Celsius) temperatures. Eleven people helped dig wood out of the snow and ice and delivered it to the single mom’s home.

“When I arrived at her home with the first load, she told me that she had no idea how she would have gotten through the next few days if we hadn’t shown up,” said Rev. Shawn Craven, senior pastor at Havelock. “I told our team when we were finished, ‘You all are my heroes! Today the hands and feet of Jesus froze to love on our community. Sometimes serving Jesus is uncomfortable physically.’”