Below are some suggestions & ideas to become more aware of what’s going on:


  • Pray through the “I Was A Stranger” 40 day bookmark.
  • Host a workshop
  • Start a small group study
  • Preach a sermon (click here for examples)


  • Research Local demographics. Use this link to research demographics for a community.
  • Meet with student support specialist from your local school corporation
  • Connect with the WIC/DCF department in your area (Women, Infants and Children)
  • Contact Immigrant Connection at to be signed up for the newsletter and join the “Wesleyan Immigration Think Tank” on Facebook
  • Watch “The Stranger” Film and share it with your church:
  • Host an Immigrant Connection or Immigration Alliance Leader to share an immigration workshop or conference at your church
  • Read and share this resource booklet published by the French Bible Society: A journey through the Bible for migrants


  • Worship at an immigrant church
  • Go out to coffee with an immigrant or have their family over for a meal
  • Engage with local community resources


  • With an immigrant church that is more experienced at this
  • With a community organization
  • With ongoing community initiatives
  • With other immigrant coalition churches in your area
  • With already recognized sites
  • With pastors/members of organizations who can help you communicate issues (panel discussions, workshops, etc.)