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“Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left.” (Matt. 24:40)

Expanded Passage: Matthew 24:40-42

She could sing any song perfectly, but there was something unique about her that moved the hearts of the congregation. My husband works as the worship pastor at our local church, and we’ve recently had a young lady with immense talent join the worship team. Although many have been blown away by her vocal abilities, something else has made an impression on those who know her. She doesn’t just sing it, she lives it out, too. I’ve had the privilege of seeing her use the platform her gifts have granted her outside of the church walls to spread the same message as she does within. Her boldness in announcing her faith to others, who presumably may not be receptive to hearing it, has encouraged me to do the same in my own life.

Jesus described his return as resulting in one person being taken and the other left. It shows the fragility of our human lives and how dire our need for Christ is. The very people we work next to and interact with are all going to be faced with the same judgment. Our job here on earth is to make disciples. To take part in what God is already doing in the hearts of people. Is there a way we can use the gifts God has given us to share his Word with others?

Consider what God has gifted you with to spread the gospel.

Shannon Fraser is a Kingswood University (NB) graduate who enjoys wedding photography and being involved in her local church. She resides with her husband in Canada.

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