[Sierra Leone JESUS film director Warren Fornah reports:] Every month God uses the movie in powerful ways. In just the month of January, a typical month, over 3,200 people viewed the JESUS film in eighteen showings in Sierra Leone, Africa. There were 668 people who responded to the film, seeking salvation. Ten new cell groups were established.

The Gospel of Luke in movie form, the JESUS film has touched and changed millions of lives. Witness this new life in Christ in Sierra Leone!

  • MUSLIM YOUTH—A young Muslim youth was deeply touched and moved after watching the JESUS film. The action, lifestyle, and teachings of Jesus Christ moved him to action. In his entire Muslim encounter he has never seen such love, miracles, and teachings. According to him, Christianity is a practical religion that practices true love and holiness. He gave his life to Jesus Christ and appealed to other Muslims youths to do same.
  • ELDERLY WOMAN FINDS PEACE FOR THE FIRST TIME—An elderly woman in the southern region has experienced a lifetime of frustration and depression, trying to find peace of mind by every means, unsuccessfully. Finally, she happened to watch the JESUS film in her own dialect. Her life has been completely transformed as she experienced the love, mercy, and compassion of Jesus. She realized for the first time that true hope for her life can only be found in Jesus Christ. She is now experiencing that hope in Christ.
  • LEAVES EVIL PRACTICES—Gbessey comes from a Muslim background. He grew up with no real goal in his life. He grew up seeking some kind of pleasures or fulfillment and became involved in all sorts of evil practices. He had a heavy conviction of sin in his heart as he watched the film. He surrendered his life to Christ. He experienced his true identity in Christ that night. In an open testimony, he challenged and encouraged other youths to surrender their lives to Christ, the only true way.
  • WIFE OF TOWN CHIEF SURRENDERS—Among many people who watched the JESUS film in a small village was the wife of the town chief. The Holy Spirit opened her eyes to the love of Jesus Christ. She experienced salvation that night and began experiencing God’s joy and peace. Her life and testimony as the wife of the town chief is making a great impact in the community. She has become an active part of the church. God is visibly pouring blessings on her whole household.
  • NOTHING CAN CHANGE ME—A beautiful young Muslim lady curiously watched the JESUS film. She clearly understood the film in her native dialect. She had never understood the Quran and its content, even though she had practiced the rituals. She desired to surrender her life to Jesus Christ, promising that with her new found faith in Jesus Christ, nothing can take her back to Islam.
  • JESUS CHRIST THE ONE FROM GOD—A young man in northern Sierra Leone watched the JESUS film for the first time. The teachings, miracles, and compassion of Jesus Christ deeply touched him. He had never seen such great miracles and expressions of love in all of his life. The death of Christ on the cross for his sins convinced him to give his life to Jesus Christ. According to him, such power and such love combined could only come from one who was from God.

Kono District, in the eastern region of Sierra Leone, is a recent church planting focus. Many people, including Muslims, have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. As a result, a Wesleyan fellowship now exists in a town called Kimbadu. People meet every Sunday for worship and many are being prepared for baptism. At least twelve new Wesleyan churches, at least two in each church district, are expected to be established this year following JESUS film evangelism.