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For even his own brothers did not believe in him. (John 7:5)

Expanded Passage: John 7:2-5

Have you ever played the game I spy? One person describes a characteristic of something they see, but because others have a different perspective, it takes time to see what the first person is seeing. When you play this game with kids, they become excited when they guess exactly what you are seeing. They also become frustrated when they can’t quite figure it out.

When God calls us to action or wants to reveal something to us, it can be a lot like playing I spy. Our own limited perspective can keep us from seeing what God is up to. In this passage, Jesus’ brothers weren’t seeing that he was the Messiah. Their limited perspective caused them not only to miss what was in front of them, but also took them to a place where they were capable of ridiculing and mocking Jesus in their unbelief. In time, Jesus’ brothers did see and believe, but it took patience in the waiting. Their perspective had to change in order for them to truly see all of who their brother was.

Sometimes, we miss the work of God because we have small pockets of doubt that linger in our hearts. Our human perspective can keep us from seeing what God is up to. When we don’t see what God is up to, we can misstep in our distraction or unbelief.

Ask God to align your perspective to see him working.

Maggie Slusher serves student-athletes at Wayne State University (MI). She is passionate about doing life together as a community and walking towards Jesus every step of the way.

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