On Friday, October 17, 2014, Dr. Mark Gorveatte, president of Kingswood University in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada, gave notice to the board of trustees of his resignation effective June 30, 2015.

“My abiding sense of call to more directly serve the local church has been a matter of sincere prayer and careful consideration over the past several weeks,” said Dr. Gorveatte. “Given the extended time necessary for our board of trustees to properly conduct a presidential search, I provide notice of my resignation to be effective the close of this fiscal year.”

Dr. H.C. Wilson, chair of the Kingwood University board of trustees, commented, “Life is never fully predictable, and it occasionally presents us with an unexpected turn of events. Today is one such occurrence. I believe that the board would be unanimous in its wish that President Gorveatte would stay on.”

Mark Gorveatte became president of Kingswood University in the summer of 2010. Under his leadership, the university has navigated a name change and progressed through advanced curriculum changes, including the addition of Kingswood’s first Master of Arts degree. The campus has seen meaningful improvements with the completion of the library and the lower level of the chapel, plus the renovation of faculty offices and the student center. All these enhancements have been debt-free. In addition, each fiscal year has concluded with a balanced budget, a growing reserve fund, and a decrease in institutional debt, including paying off a multi-million dollar chapel mortgage.

Thanking the board for the privilege of serving as president, Gorveatte said, “There is still much work to be done, but I am grateful to God for this stewardship entrusted to me for this season.”

“There has been an ongoing understanding that President Gorveatte’s first love in ministry is the local church,” continued Dr. Wilson. “While he has served Kingswood with diligence, passion, and true kingdom focus, there was no expectation that this was his lifetime assignment. We are deeply grateful for his excellent service, and we all wish the Gorveattes the Master’s very best going forward.”

The board of trustees has formed a search committee. Vice-chair Mick Veach of Stoney Creek Community Church in Michigan is serving as chair of the search committee.

“We agree with President Gorveatte that Kingswood’s best days are ahead, and we are deeply grateful that his excellent service has made this possible,” said Dr. Wilson, who is very optimistic about Kingswood and her future.