Mark 14:53–65

They took Jesus to the high priest, and all the chief priests, the elders and teachers of the law came together. (Mark 14:53)

RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING we know Jesus was not going to get a fair trial. He was tried at night. Witnesses could not agree on their stories. Jesus was not in the hall of the temple, but in the private residences of Annas and Caiaphas. No one was to be tried on a feast day, yet Jesus was tried during Passover. It was also well-known the religious leaders of the day often plotted to kill Jesus. He did not have a chance going in. During His trial, we see how committed Jesus was to the will of the Father. No matter how wrong or how unjust the proceeding, Jesus stayed the course. He never wavered and hardly uttered a word. And when He did speak, His words were clear and precise—”I am,” followed by a claim of deity and power.

So many times we are swayed by life’s circumstances. We cry “foul” or “that’s not fair,” and then allow those instances to influence our behavior. Jesus stood in the midst of an unjust trial and false accusation because He knew what was true. He stayed faithful to the will of the Father even in the most difficult times. Sometimes doing what’s right is not easy. Staying focused on the truth will have its difficult moments. Jesus kept His resolve because He knew the Father’s will and trusted Him above all things. It can be the same for us as well. When we are being mistreated or facing tough trials, we must keep our eyes on the Father, know what is true, and trust in His perfect will.

Life can be unfair. Stand your ground, know when to speak, and always trust in God.

Scott Simmons is the author of the youth discipleship series iFollow and was director of youth ministry for the Church Multiplication and Discipleship Division of The Wesleyan Church.