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When they finished, James spoke up. “Brothers . . . listen to me.” (Acts 15:13)

Expanded Passage: Acts 15:13

Cherish those moments when you look back on a season you didn’t quite understand and see what God was doing—those moments when you pause and think, “ Oh, that makes sense now.” We rarely know what God is up to concerning the bigger picture. There’s always more.

This was the same for James. On his journey from unbelief to being transformed by faith, James was called to lead in the Jerusalem church. In this passage, we see the tail end of a situation where the church in Jerusalem was trying to figure out what to do with Gentiles concerning circumcision. In the end, James, as a trusted leader brought forth a compromise that was accepted. The power of the resurrection changed James’ life in a way that allowed him to see more of the bigger picture and step into what else God had for him—leadership in the church. James had no idea what would come from being transformed by faith. James had no idea the impact his earthly brother would have on his life and future.

We are all meant for more. The same transforming faith and grace that was real for James after the death and resurrection of Jesus is available for us and everyone around us today. Have you truly allowed the transforming power of the resurrection to lead you to where God wants you to be?

Ask God to reveal where he has called you to be.

Maggie Slusher serves student-athletes at Wayne State University (MI). She is passionate about doing life together as a community and walking towards Jesus every step of the way.

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