Church Planter Assessment

Have you ever wondered if God has gifted you to be a church planter? We’d love to help you discover God’s unique call on your life!

The CMC has two assessment tracks:

Track 1 | Our regionalized Church Planter Assessment Center (CPAC) is a rewarding, 3-day self-discovery journey designed to help potential church planters and their spouses clarify whether or not they have the specific calling, necessary gifts, and ministry skills to be an effective lead church planter in a congregational style church plant (typically 150+ people).

Along with the guidance from the Holy Spirit, our CPAC utilizes trained assessors, proven self-awareness inventories, group projects, behavioral interviews, and professional psychological analysis to determine whether or not the time-tested 13 characteristics of a lead church planter are wildly evident in CPAC candidates.

Participating in our CPAC event can lead to a gratifying new level of directional self-awareness and assurance in God’s will. In the end, participants will receive a YES (proceed in the planting process), a YES-but not until significant issues have been addressed (proceed in the planting process, but develop a growth plan and gain more experience in ministry), or a NO (discontinue the planting process). CPAC is part of our church planting pre-approval process within every District of The Wesleyan Church.

Follow the 4 step process detailed below and our CPAC team will help you discern God’s unique call on your life!

Track 2 | Our Wiring Assessment for Multipliers is primarily geared for leaders looking to start new sites/campuses or non-traditional faith communities, such as, dinner churches, missional communities, and coffee shop churches. The Wiring Assessment is a powerful tool to help inform a church planting candidate how to best use their gifts in a new start-up. The process utilizes an Initial Screening Assessment (ISA) and six inventories that are analyzed by trained assessors. These assessors will assemble a full constellation of the inventories results and describe a candidates best ways to serve in multiplication based on their unique wiring given to them by the creator. For more information and next steps, email Aimee Pratt by clicking HERE.

*With the CMC assessment grant applied, the cost for either assessment track is $500.

Church Planter Assessment Next Steps:

1 | Discern

Prayerfully Process this Pre-Assessment Discernment Guide:

Are you ready to plant a new church?

2 | eTest

Take the Free Initial Screening Survey HERE

Create a Church Planter Profile account and evaluate your readiness in the areas of entrepreneurial leadership, ministry experience, church planting experience, and relational evangelism. Based on your own private assessment, you will decide to walk further down the church planting path. Typically, a score of 60 or above means you should continue your exploration.

3 | Full eTest

Complete the “Full Planter Profile” HERE

Our reduced cost for Wesleyans is $99. Be sure to create an account and select “The Wesleyan Church” as the Partner Agency so the CMC team receives your results. This Full Planter Profile will be used in the CPAC event. Be sure to clarify with your district or sending church (your sponsoring agency) if they would like you to cover the cost or if they will reimburse you.

4 | CPAC Dates + Sites + Registration
To see dates, sites, and register for upcoming CPAC events click HERE 

A District or sending church may wish to be your sponsor and will help pay the CPAC fee, so be sure to communicate your intentions with your appropriate overseers. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions of everything you need to prepare before the CPAC.

For more information please contact Aimee Pratt at

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