The Church Multiplication Collective provides essential resources for building an intentional multiplication ecosystem focused on DISCOVERINGDEVELOPING, and DEPLOYING workers for the Lord’s harvest.

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Church Planting Champions

Church Planting Champions (formerly Church Builders Club) is a community of financial investors who believe in supporting church plants.

Fundraising Resources

Raising money for a church plant is one of the most important parts of church planting. Raising funds takes vision and a clear way to communicate that vision.

Become a Sending Church

Is your church ready to multiply? A sending church is responsible for church plants until they are self-sustaining, self-governing, and self-propagating.

Church Planting Residency

A church planting residency is an intensive 10-month immersion program designed to prepare a church planter to effectively launch a new life-giving church.

Become a Multi-site Church

One multiplying church expression gaining traction is the multi-site strategy. Multi-siting should not fully replace church planting; however, studies demonstrate it is producing kingdom fruit.

Church Planting Consultant

Church planting is a unique adventure filled with many unknowns. Here is an expert in key areas that is willing to provide you with wisdom and consultation for free.

Planting Our Church … Again

Planting Our Church … Again

Planting Our Church … Again  Ed Love and Andre Winters 2020/21 has been an incredibly difficult season for every ministry leader. There really aren’t words to describe it. The trials and tests have been all too real and painful for many church planters. Many church...

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¡Santa Matemática!

¡Santa Matemática!

La multiplicación de iglesias es la única manera de reducir, efectivamente, la brecha del evangelio y crear un impacto que perdurará más allá de nuestra generación.

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More Resources

For more free downloadable resources that will help you build your church multiplication ethos and ecosystem, visit our resource center.