Training for Church Planters

We recognize every church planter is on a unique journey, filled with new discoveries. We want every church planter to feel fully prepared for their planting adventure. Below are several training options to pursue.

Exponential | Learning Conference

Exponential Conference is a growing community of leaders committed to accelerating the multiplication of healthy, reproducing faith communities. Over the past several years, Exponential has also served as a vision stimulator and community builder for the Church Multiplication Collective of The Wesleyan Church, as we dream and strategize about the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth.

Bring your church multiplication team and dream with thousands of church planting leaders for four days of inspiration, encouragement, and equipping at Exponential. The conference will feature 175+ speakers, 125+ workshops, 9+ tracks, and 5,000 church planting leaders.

For detailed information and group registration click on Exponential East or West.

Exponential EAST 

Exponential WEST 

Essentials | Pre-Launch Training

Essentials is a 2-day pre-launch equipping experience for church planters, spouses of church planters, and core members of launch teams. The Essentials environment is designed to provide you with practical training and productive peer resourcing. By the end of the event, you will:

  • See the big picture of church planting
  • Learn how to remain rooted in Christ while planting
  • Hear God’s unique direction for your church
  • Discover how to properly exegete your community
  • Refine your church mission, vision, and values
  • Learn how to recruit people on to your launch team
  • Develop an effective launch strategy
  • Learn how to avoid the major church planting landmines
  • Discover how to raise funds
  • Find access to numerous resources/templates to use in your church plant
  • Be inspired to not just plant one church, but start a church planting movement

When is Essentials scheduled? 

2017 Scheduled Dates and Times:
Dates will be posted as events are scheduled with districts/churches

How much does Essentials cost? 

The cost of Essentials is $100 per attendee. This will cover your training materials and your Day 1 dinner and Day 2 lunch.

How do I register our team?

More information will be provided as events are scheduled.

Can a church, network, or district offer this training? 

Absolutely! If you have a group of 15 or more, with at least three new churches being represented, we’d love to bring Essentials to you with one of our experienced trainers. We can work closely with your vision and customize your Essentials experience to fit your needs. Contact Jesse Pratt to schedule and coordinate your event.

Expressions | Specialization Training

Are you looking for training in a specific model of church planting?

We recognize the need for all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. Many church planting models require specific training. Within Expressions, we have provided additional online training videos, resourcing, and networking opportunities for these specific models: 

Urban Church Planting

Small Town Church Planting

Large Launch Strategy

Cultivate | 9-Month Online Course

Cultivate is a unique 9-month curriculum designed to help you develop the habits and skills essential to plant and grow a new church that reaches your culture. Cultivate was developed by successful church planters who have seen thousands of people find faith, grow in Christ, and become leaders of the church. Cultivate combines expert content, guided real-world experiences, and transforming relationships to help you develop a contextual strategy specifically for your culture. Cultivate was designed for the contemporary church planter seeking to reach our global, post-Christian world. Cultivate will help you start a new church that will grow by conversion growth rather than just transfer growth. Check out Cultivate’s official website HERE

What does Cultivate deliver?

– Expert content by renowned authors and experienced church planters delivered anywhere through online video and readings.

– 60 online exercises designed to catalyze you into the real-world experiences necessary to develop the knowledge, character, and skills of a successful church planter.

– Relationships with a coach, champion, and other like-minded church planters to guide and support you in this courageous kingdom venture.

– 9 hours of Masters-level (M.A. or M.Div.) seminary credit available through Wesley Seminary.

Who are the Cultivate Coaches?

The Church Multiplication Collective of The Wesleyan Church will connect you with a coach within our Wesleyan tribe. All coaches are certified through Cultivate’s Coach Training and are experienced in the field of church planting.

When is the best time to use Cultivate?

The best time to use cultivate is after you have gone through the Church Planters Assessment Center and before you plant. Cultivate is a great solution for churches desiring to create a church planter residency experience.

What does Cultivate cost? 

There are two parts to the training fee: (all paid to Cultivate directly)

1. The Cultivate Training online module is $895.

2. The Coaching fees for a non-seminary credit track are $1,100. The coaching fees for the seminary credit track are $2,000.

How do I sign up?

Email Aimee Pratt for further instructions and for your personal coupon code. 

Church Planter Residency | 10-Month

A church planting residency is an intensive 10-month immersion program designed to prepare a church planter to effectively launch a new life-giving church. Residents will be given hands on ministry opportunities along with prepatory coaching and training established by sending church pastors. For more information go HERE.

Training for Sending Churches

We believe the hope of our church multiplication movement rests in the hands of our sending church leaders who are passionate about raising up and sending out church planters. Below are several different opportunities to help your church send well.

Expansion | Sending Church Training

Expansion is a one day training (9am-5pm) event designed specifically for your church’s leadership team. Expansion is for churches desiring to daughter a church or become a multiplication center. The goal of Expansion is to help your church develop a multiplication strategy and create a timeline of implementation.

What is the end result of Expansion? 

 Expansion utilizes a 3-part Strat Op process. Your church will: 1) gain perspective on your overarching church multiplication strategy  2) know where you stand, and 3) develop a customized plan on how to get where you want to be. In the end, your team will be inspired, equipped, and resourced to take a next step toward multiplication.

Is there any pre-work involved before the training? 

Yes. Each Expansion attendee must read Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication, Becoming a Level 5 Church, and Sending Capacity-Not Seating Capacity. 

  • Download Spark (PDF) HERE.
  • Download Becoming a Level 5 Church (PDF) HERE.
  • Download Sending Capacity-Not Seating Capacity (PDF) HERE.

In addition, each Expansion attendee must complete the Multiplication Culture Assessment Tool found HERE, which will be utilized during the Strat Op meeting. 

Who facilitates the Strat Op training? 

Dr. Ed Love, TWC’s Director of Church Multiplication, will facilitate most Expansion trainings, unless another facilitator is recommended. 

How much does Expansion cost? 

The cost varies depending on your location. The fees involved help cover the cost of the facilitator’s travel, lodging, and materials involved in the training. 

How do I register my church for Expansion? 

Send an email to Rhonda Moore with potential date options and we will work to find the best date. 

Where do I send my payment? 

AttnRhonda Moore

The Wesleyan Church | P.O. Box 50434 Indianapolis, IN 46250.

Encounter | An Inspiration Event

Encounter is a half-day event designed to help potential multipliers within your context catch the multiplication bug. This event can be used within a local church, planting cluster/network, or a district environment.

What is the end result of Encounter? 

The objective of Encounter is to provide space for participants to be exposed to Jesus’ vision of multiplication and to explore starting a new kingdom work as a viable ministry path. Encounter will give participants the framework and tools necessary for taking a next step in their ministry journey.

Is there any pre-work involved before the training? 

Yes. Each Encounter attendee must read 5 Things Anyone Can Do to Help Start a Church and the discernment guide Am I Called to Plant a Church? 

Download 5 Things Anyone Can Do to Help Start a Church HERE

Download Is God Calling Me to Start a New Church? HERE

Who facilitates the Encounter event? 

Encounter events can be organized in two ways: 1) You can bring in an outside facilitator, or 2) You can be trained to facilitate the event yourself. If you desire to bring in an outside facilitator there will be additional costs involved. 

How much does Encounter cost? 

The cost varies depending on your set up. The goal would be to offer this event without a cost for participants. The initiating agency (church/network/district) will be responsible for event hospitality needs (drinks/snacks/etc). If the initiating agency chooses to bring in an outside facilitator, then they will need to cover the cost of the facilitator’s honorarium ($300), travel, and lodging. 

How do I register my church for Encounter? 

Send an email to Rhonda Moore with potential date options and we will work to find the best date for your organization. 

Where do I send my payment? 

AttnRhonda Moore

The Wesleyan Church | P.O. Box 50434 Indianapolis, IN 46250.

Celebrating every time a disciple makes a disciple and the church multiplies itself until there is a transforming presence in every zip code.