Training for Church Planters

We recognize every church planter is on a unique journey, filled with new discoveries. We want every church planter to feel fully prepared for their planting adventure. Below are several training options to pursue.

Exponential | Learning Conference
Exponential Conference is a growing community of leaders committed to accelerating the multiplication of healthy, reproducing faith communities. Over the past several years, Exponential has also served as a vision stimulator and community builder for the Church Multiplication Collective of The Wesleyan Church, as we dream and strategize about the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth.

Bring your church multiplication team and dream with thousands of church planting leaders for four days of inspiration, encouragement, and equipping at Exponential. The conference will feature 175+ speakers, 125+ workshops, 9+ tracks, and 5,000 church planting leaders.

For detailed information and group registration click HERE.


Essentials | Pre-Launch Training

Essentials is a principle-based pre-launch equipping experience for church planters and spouses. The Essentials environment is designed to provide you with practical training for any planting model and productive peer resourcing. By the end of the event, you will:

  • See the big picture of church planting
  • Learn how to remain rooted in Christ while planting
  • Hear God’s unique direction for your church
  • Discover how to properly exegete your community
  • Refine your church mission, vision, and values
  • Learn how to recruit people on to your launch team
  • Develop an effective launch strategy
  • Learn how to avoid the major church planting landmines
  • Discover how to raise funds
  • Find access to numerous resources/templates to use in your church plant
  • Be inspired to not just plant one church, but start a church planting movement

When is Essentials scheduled? 

Upcoming Essential Dates:

  • December 3-5, 2020 (Virtual Event)

How much does Essentials cost? 

The cost of Essentials is $149 per planter or planting couple.

How do I register our team?

To register for an upcoming Essentials, click HERE or for more information email Aimee Pratt.

Can a church, network, or district offer this training? 

Absolutely! If you have a group of 15 or more we’d love to bring Essentials to you with one of our experienced trainers. We can work closely with your vision and customize your Essentials experience to fit your needs. Contact Jesse Pratt to schedule and coordinate your event.

Project Manager | Pre-Launch Strategy
The CMC has a partnership with Stadia, a church planting organization, that specializes in project management. Through our partnership, this service is entirely FREE for our Wesleyan church planters, who desire to launch large and become a growing missional body of believers (typically 150+ people).

Every planter wants to see God’s vision for their new church become a reality. The Stadia project management team comes alongside the church planter and works to develop a project task list, via a project management tool, to take the new church from where it is today to that desired result.

Each church plant typically has a few hundred tasks that must be accomplished in order to reach the vision. It requires attention to detail. Entrepreneurial visionaries, which most church planters are, do not excel at the details. Stadia provides help.

Every Stadia church gets a trained and experienced project manager to serve the planter administratively and to accomplish many of the tasks. This frees the planter to build teams and rally people around vision, not government paperwork and databases.

Church leaders can be confident that skilled and experienced project managers will merge best practices with your vision to design and implement a thorough and effective plan.

How do I connect with a project manager?  

Your first step is to complete the Stadia Survey form. If you have any questions please email our CMC administrator, Carolyn Little. Carolyn will provide you with the details and introduce you to Stadia’s Project Management team.

Fund-Raising Training Intensive


Fundraising Training Intensive

Reading the book of Acts as a church planting textbook, you quickly realize starting a new church will require at least 3 things:

  1. God’s favor
  2. People
  3. Money

It’s easy to see the money as the least spiritual item on that list. Experience says it might be the most spiritual because raising money often grows a church planter’s faith more than anything else they do.

It’s also tempting to see the money as the last thing you do. Again, experience says it is most often the first. We’ve also learned it is vitally important for church planters to start well. Planters who do are very likely to reach their fundraising goals. Planters who start poorly, on the other hand, are very unlikely to reach their goals.

This biblical model and practical experience are the why behind our Fundraising Intensive. We want to help church planters grow in their faith as they begin asking everyone they know to support them in starting a new church. 

The Church Multiplication Collective’s Fundraising Intensive (in partnership with Stadia) includes three components:

  1. Participants meet online with a fundraising cohort and leader weekly for 4 weeks. Each session will provide training, encouragement, and accountability.
  2. Participants will be connected to “Funding Your Vision” on the MyStadia platform. This collection of programs provides additional training and resources to help planters as they prepare to ask for financial support.
  3. Participants will meet 1-on-1 with a fundraising coach 3 times over a 3-month period. These conversations will help them specifically hone their strategy and overcome hurdles that hinder them from reaching their fundraising goal.

When are Fundraising Intensives Scheduled? 

Upcoming Fundraising Intensive Start Dates:

  • June
  • September
  • December
  • March

How much is it to participate in a Fundraising Intensive?

There is NO cost. Consider this training as a gift toward your church plant. Receive it! 

How do I register?

To register for an upcoming Fundraising Intensive, click here.

Cultivate | 9-Month Online Course

Cultivate is a unique 9-month curriculum designed to help you develop the habits and skills essential to plant and grow a new church that reaches your culture. Cultivate was developed by successful church planters who have seen thousands of people find faith, grow in Christ, and become leaders of the church. Cultivate combines expert content, guided real-world experiences, and transforming relationships to help you develop a contextual strategy specifically for your culture. Cultivate was designed for the contemporary church planter seeking to reach our global, post-Christian world. Cultivate will help you start a new church that will grow by conversion growth rather than just transfer growth. 

What does Cultivate deliver?

– Expert content by renowned authors and experienced church planters delivered anywhere through online video and readings.

– 60 online exercises designed to catalyze you into the real-world experiences necessary to develop the knowledge, character, and skills of a successful church planter.

– Relationships with a coach, champion, and other like-minded church planters to guide and support you in this courageous kingdom venture.

6 hours of Masters-level (M.A. or M.Div.) seminary credit available through Wesley Seminary.

– University or Seminary credit may be available for qualified candidates. Contact Ed Love for more information.

Who are the Cultivate Coaches?

The Church Multiplication Collective of The Wesleyan Church will connect you with a coach within our Wesleyan tribe. All coaches are certified through Cultivate’s Coach Training and are experienced in the field of church planting. After you register, you will select your coach. If you are unsure who is the best coach for you or if you need further information on the coaching process, contact Aimee Pratt.

When is the best time to use Cultivate?

The best time to use cultivate is after you have gone through the Church Planters Assessment Center and before you plant. Cultivate is a great solution for churches desiring to create a church planter residency experience.

What does Cultivate cost? 

There are two parts to the Cultivate cost:

1. The Cultivate Training online platform is $250.

2. The Coaching fees are $1,000. Note: Some Church Planting Residencies or Districts may help cover the cost of coaching fees for qualified candidates.

How do I sign up?

To register and pay for the online platform click HERE.

For questions, email Aimee Pratt.

Church Planting Residency
A church planting residency is an intensive 1-year immersion program designed to prepare a church planter to effectively launch a new life-giving church. Residents will be given hands on ministry opportunities along with prepatory coaching and training established by sending church pastors. For more information on finding a C.P.R. or becoming a C.P.R. host site go HERE.
Campus Pastor Training
Through the Church Multiplication Collective’s unique partnership with, we are excited to provide you 25% off of the Essential Campus Pastoring course.

Within this course, you’ll find a research-based and practitioner-tested scope and sequence to develop future campus pastors or train existing ones for your multisite church. Essential Campus Pastoring will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and training to to train campus pastors that get your DNA.

These 18 modules are designed to help you:

  • Understand the unique role of a campus pastor
  • Navigate the tension between what can be standardized versus contextualized
  • How to lead up, down, and across
  • Know what to do when you disagree with the “main” campus
  • Communicate effectively as a campus pastor

This course includes 18 enhanced modules, 8 hours of HD video, and 80+ handouts. And it’s all yours to keep and revisit for as long as you need it.

The first three modules are FREE. So if you like what you see, then you’ll love the additional depth and insight in the remaining 15 modules. The entire course is $298 (with the CMC discount).

Here’s how to get the course:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Get Instant Access” under Unlock the Entire Course
  3. Login if you already have an account, if not, click “Create an Account”
  4. Click “View Cart”
  5. Enter coupon code, “cmc25”
  6. Click “Proceed to checkout”
  7. Fill in your details and then click “Proceed to PayPal”
  8. Complete your transaction in PayPal
Expressions | Specialization Training

Are you looking for training in a specific model of church planting?

We recognize the need for all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. Many church planting models require specific training. Within Expressions, we have provided additional online training videos, resourcing, and networking opportunities for these specific models: 

Urban Church Planting

Small Town Church Planting

Large Launch Strategy

BLOOM | Women in Church Planting
Through the CMC’s partnership with Stadia, a church planting organization, we have unique access to BLOOM, a network that exists to empower women in church planting to maximize their role in starting churches.

Whether you are a church planter’s spouse, staff leader, or lead church planter, BLOOM has a place for you to connect, find encouragement, and expose you to learning opportunities that will enrich your soul.

To find out more about the various options within BLOOM, click HERE.  To contact the director of BLOOM email Debbie Jones.

Bookkeeper and Accounting Services

The CMC has a partnership with Stadia, a church planting organization, that specializes in bookkeeping and accounting services. Stadia bookkeepers work alongside you in financial matters and help you start well, so you can focus on reaching your community with the hope of Jesus. Stadia’s team is made up of highly qualified bookkeeping professionals who value the mission of the local church.

The bookkeeper and accounting services include:

  • Donor Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Startup Document Preparation
  • Bank Account and Check Signers
  • Budget and Cash Flow Consultation
  • Church Payroll
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Reporting and Record Keeping

How much does this service cost?

There are typically several standard financial software/subscriptions that will require separate fees. Stadia’s bookkeeping service will be free the first 6 months; 12 months it will be at 50%; and 19 months will be at 100%. The % is prorated according to the size of the church budget. The church is not locked in to Stadia’s services and can depart at any time; however, many churches found the relationship to be life-giving and continue using their services.

How I connect with Stadia’s bookkeepers?  

Your first step is to complete the Stadia Survey form. If you have any questions please email our CMC administrator, Carolyn Little. Carolyn will provide you with the details and introduce you to Stadia’s bookkeeping and accounting team.


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