What is Cultivate Coach Training?


Cultivate Coach Training was designed to train individuals who want to be equipped in the skill set of coaching. Cultivate Coach Training also allows you to coach church planters through the 9-month Cultivate Training online course. The 9-month Cultivate Training track is optional for church planters, but regardless of whether or not your coachee uses the online Cutlivate Training platform, the Cultivate Coach Training will equip you to become a great coach and provide you with a coaching certification.

What does the training experience look like?

The Cultivate Coach Training program includes an 8-week online course, coach mentoring by a Mentor Coach, and additional development exercises. Completion of the program includes:

– An 8-week self-directed online course

– 4 Mentor Coach Sessions

– Review and feedback of two recorded coaching sessions

– Completion of two additional books on coaching from an approved book list

When is the training experienced offered?

Cultivate Coach Training cohorts are offered four times a year. Entry points are in July, Sept., Jan., and April. 

What is required?

Cultivate Coaches should have direct experience in planting a church, or have had a substantial supportive role in planting one. The CMC and Cultivate have partnered with Wesley Seminary to offer 9 credit hours to be applied as electives into any degree program. Cultivate Coaches, coaching a Wesley Seminary student, are required to have an appointment with thier coachee every week and hold a Master degree.

What does the training cost?

The Wesleyan discounted rate is $499.

Do Cultivate Coaches receive any compensation?

Standard Cultivate Coaches will receive a stipend in the amount of $1,000 for 9 months and may continue with their coachee under a new coaching contract after the initial 9-months that the coach sets up. Wesley Seminary Cultivate Coaches will receive a stipend in the amount of $2,000 for 9-months. CMC Coaches, not using the 9-month Cultivate Online Training program, are free to set their own coaching rate.

– Here is a Sample Coaching Agreement.

– Here is a Sample Client Prep Form

How do I sign up for Cultivate Coach Training? 

To register and pay for Cultivate Coach Training, go HERE. To receive the Wesleyan $100 discount follow these steps:

1. Under the registration category, “Why are you enrolling in CCT?” Click the drop-down box that says, “I am with a church or network that will use Cultivate to train church planters.”

2. Under, “Which agency are you enrolling with,” click “CMC Coach Training Wesleyan.”

3. Under, “Coupon code,” enter the code below that correlates with your cohort start month:






*Maximum registration per cohort = 7

Email Aimee Pratt for any questions.