Church Planting Residency

A church planting residency is a 1-year immersion program designed to prepare a church planter to effectively launch a life-giving and multiplying church.

A church planting residency experience will allow a future church planter to finish their ministerial education track, engage in Cultivate (a 9-month online training course), learn practical ministry skills, and be exposed to the inner-workings of a strong missional church.

Throughout the residency experience, developing church planters will have the opportunity to hear from God, refine their church’s vision, build a strong team, raise the resources they need, and develop the strategies and systems necessary to pull the new church together when they are fully released into their mission field.

Find a Church Planting Residency

Are you desiring to grow and learn how to plant a multiplying church? Within the CMC, we have multiple church planting residency options throughout North America that will help you move from thinking about planting a church to actually starting a new church. 

Simply fill out this Church Planter Interest Form and our CMC team will connect with you and help you find the right residency. 

Church Planting Residency Host Site Coaching/Execution Pathway

Is your church desiring to develop and deploy future church planters? Launching an effective Church Planting Residency (C.P.R.) program can be challenging. Sometimes we need a helpful strategist to guide us through the process and help set up us for success. Through a unique partnership with Tim Kirkpatrick and Second Chair Solutions, the CMC has created a coaching and execution pathway, equipping you to move from thinking about having a C.P.R. experience to actually having future church planters in your church’s multiplication pipeline. Our customized coaching and execution pathway will equip you with the required infrastructure, Cultivate curriculum, and systematic on-boarding processes that will set your church up to be an approved C.P.R. host site. 

The CMC has a special grant to help offset the coaching fees. Contact the CMC director, Dr. Ed Love, for your next steps and detailed information about this coaching opportunity.

In addition to the coaching grant, the CMC has a $4,000 Church Planting Residency Host Site Start-up Grant available.

Fill out this form to register for the Church Planting Residency Host Site Coaching/Execution Pathway.