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Or do you think Scripture says without reason that he jealously longs for the spirit he has caused to dwell in us? (James 4:5)

Expanded Passage: James 4:5-6

“You have reached your destination,” the voice on the GPS stated. My husband and I exchanged confusing glances since we did not see a building, only trees and a railroad track. After doublechecking the address, we discovered that I had entered “northwest” instead of “southwest” into the GPS.

Today, there are several ways we can navigate to our destinations. The most popular is our vehicle’s navigation system. Rather than wondering which way to turn, an audible voice speaks directly to us. If we hear, “Make a U-turn,” we know we are heading in the wrong direction.

On our Christian walk, there are roads on which we should not travel. Here, we find music we should not listen to, activities we should not participate in, and thoughts we should not have. In doing these things, we are spending more time in the world and less time with God. If we listen closely, we can hear the Spirit say, “Make a U-turn, now!”

When we are children of God, he provides directions, not only through reading his Word, but also by listening to him through the Holy Spirit. He has our life’s work mapped out and is jealous when we do not obey. Be humble by asking him for guidance and give him praise when he provides. Listen with your heart to your inner navigation system and follow precisely.

Heed the instructions given by the internal voice of the Holy Spirit.

Denise Moore Greene was raised in The Wesleyan Church and resides in North Carolina. She enjoys time with her children and five grandchildren.

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