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Then they remembered that God was their Rock, that God Most High was their Redeemer. (Ps. 78:35)

If you have children or have ever been around them for a period of time, you may have witnessed an apology of sorts for their misbehavior. It is often a quick “Sorry, Mom!” once they realize they may have done something that would result in discipline. They run off to play, doing and saying just enough to keep them out of trouble. The parent is left wondering whether they were truly apologetic and if they even learned their lesson.

The children of Israel were somewhat like this. They kept sinning against God, complaining about their living conditions, and asking for more and better. God would answer them by providing what they asked for, but when his anger would fall on them, they would repent. Their repentance, however, was somewhat like that of a small child—quick and empty.

Asking for forgiveness from God and others is a command. However, truly being sorry for actions or words should cause us to fall on our knees, or at least bow our heads and open our hearts before the Lord. He is, after all, the God who opened the skies, made the waters stand up like walls, and split open rocks in the wilderness! God has performed miracles in your life and lavished his grace upon you. Remember those times when you need to ask God to forgive you.

Take time to recall God’s miracles in your life.

Heather Mazellan is a student at Wesley Seminary, a thankful wife, and a joyful mother to three kids.

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