Southern Wesleyan University (Central, S.C.) recently signed a course articulation agreement with Kingswood University (Sussex New Brunswick), opening the doors for enhanced transfer opportunities.

This agreement, signed by Southern Wesleyan University’s President Dr. Todd Voss (left, in photo) and Kingswood University’s President Dr. Stephen J. Lennox (right, in photo), will assist and promote transferability into the Core Curriculum at Southern Wesleyan for graduates of the Associate of Arts degree at Kingswood, as well as for students who do not graduate from Kingswood but wish to have their courses evaluated for transfer credit at Southern Wesleyan.

The Core Curriculum refers to freshman and sophomore level general education requirements and other required courses that are taught from a Christian perspective and serve as the curricular framework for all academic disciplines.

“SWU is excited to partner in this more formal way with Kingswood University! We are working hard to support Kingswood students in any way we can and appreciate the warm and welcome spirit coming from our brothers and sisters in the North,” said Voss.

Kingswood University is located in the Canadian province of New Brunswick in Sussex, and, like Southern Wesleyan, is owned by The Wesleyan Church and offers a deep Bible college experience for students studying for the ministry.

“This articulation agreement between the two Wesleyan universities recognizes the high academic standards and Christ-centered education in both institutions,” said SWU Provost Dr. Tonya Strickland.

Pictured: Southern Wesleyan University President, Dr. Todd Voss, left, and Kingswood University President, Dr. Stephen J. Lennox, sign a course articulation agreement which will assist and promote transferability of credit from Kingswood students into Southern Wesleyan’s Core Curriculum.