A large number of students gathered on March 15 to pray for a totally new type of living community that is being constructed at Southern Wesleyan University in Central, S.C..

The students and other community members hoped to anchor the new residence spiritually, inscribing scriptures and prayers on the beams and walls as they prayed. (See picture gallery below.) By God’s grace, the future will see spiritual, physical, and intellectual transformation in countless lives in this community.

Uniquely, the facility will be shared by SWU students and other residents who have special needs and disabilities. Pairing special needs residents with SWU students who wish to serve as helpers and mentors is an expression of SWU’s commitment to serving the special needs community. SWU President Dr. Todd Voss has commented that the project reflects the university’s vision for inventive learning and contagious generosity.

Phase 1 of the multi-phase living and learning community is well under way, and completion of this first 9,400 square foot structure is expected by August this year. It is located on 3.4 acres along Wesleyan Drive.

In the video, Dr. Joe Brockinton, vice president for student life, prays with the students.

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