On Tuesday, June 7, at the 2016 General Conference in Buffalo, N.Y., the following area representatives of the General Board of The Wesleyan Church were elected and will serve the Church for the next four years:

Southern Representative Area:

Ministerial: Jerry Lumston, Kevin Myers, Matt LeRoy

Lay: Sue Rickman, Lisa Harding, Amy Spaugh

Eastern Representative Area:

Ministerial: HC Wilson, Karl Eastlack, Mike Hilson

Lay: Phil Farrell, LeeAnn Little, David Babb

Western Representative Area:

Ministerial: Isaac Smith, Phill Tague, Phil Stevenson

Lay: Ann Raga, Roger Metcalf, Andrea Zepeda

North Central Representative Area:

Ministerial: Kyle Ray, Heather Semple, Mark Gorveatte

Lay: Cheryl Mansell, Carl Shepherd, Wafaa Hanna

The 24 area representatives, according to the Discipline, must be 12 lay and 12 ministerial members. In addition to newly-elected General Superintendent Dr. Wayne Schmidt, they constitute the voting members of the General Board.

The college and university presidents and the other five general officers also sit with the General Board when it is not in executive session, and have voice, but not vote.

Please pray for the new General Board, as it represents the entire North American General Conference in providing direction, wisdom, and accountability for the leadership of the Church.