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They forgot the God who saved them, who had done great things in Egypt. (Ps. 106:21)

New Christians are some of my favorite people to hang out with. They are excited. Their love for Jesus is fresh and encouraging. They’re confident that their decision to repent of sins and begin a newfound life in Christ is the greatest decision ever made. It is!

As time goes by, however, it is easy to forget. We forget what crud God pulled us out of. We fail to see what path we might have taken had it not been for the tender hand of Christ leading us down the road of righteousness. We begin to neglect our relationship with Jesus because he gets too familiar. We take God for granted and shift our priorities. Maybe we crowd him out and lose our first love (Jesus) just like the church at Ephesus did.

As you surrender yourself to the way of Christ, remember

the great, miraculous help from the Lord:

that God’s ways are the best ways;

that the God of heaven has saved you, not yourself;

that God’s promises are true—every time;

that obeying him is the only way to live; and

that he’s the One who deserves all authentic and regular worship.

May that remembrance keep you grounded in fresh faith.

Recall God’s goodness in your life.

Jim Dunn serves The Wesleyan Church as president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

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