Listed below are the most-clicked stories from in 2014, number one reflecting the most clicks of all news stories on the website.

1. True power: a meeting with the President about immigration

Today I had the honor to represent The Wesleyan Church in the most powerful place in the world, the Oval Office. As I sat in proximity to such power my heart was aching for those without power…

2. Three evangelical responses to presidential executive orders on immigration

What might be an evangelical response to the November 2014 U.S. Presidential executive orders on immigration?

3. Unforgettable: FGM stories in Sierra Leone

Shockingly, 85-88% percent of the girls in Sierra Leone, West Africa, are still being mutilated by this degrading cultural practice that has its roots in ancient female slavery.

4. Skyline Church launching services in U.S. Capitol building

The weekday services will allow all congressional staff to attend, despite busy travel schedules.

5. Dr. Lyon confers with White House on Ebola crisis

Jo Anne Lyon joins a handful of faith leaders who gather with President Obama’s senior officials at the White House to discuss the Ebola crisis.

6. Historic election in the Penn-Jersey District

Dr. Karl Eastlack and Rev. Anita Eastlack were elected as co-district superintendents by an overwhelming vote in the Penn-Jersey District, and also were given an extended call by an overwhelming vote.

7. Kingswood University president announces 2015 resignation

Mark Gorveatte’s resignation will be effective June 2015, although H.C. Wilson “believes the board . . . wishes that President Gorveatte would stay on.”

8. Selfless Spooner Wesleyan Church

All the tithes and offerings on Sunday November 17th were to be donated to the Philippines typhoon disaster relief. Then something amazing happened.

9. Heaven is for real: critical Q&A

The Heaven Is for Real book phenomenon has proven to be provocative in the American Christian community. The following Q&A responses might prove helpful.

10. Free Methodist Church leaders tragically killed

The Wesleyan Church’s sister church denomination, the Free Methodist Church, has suffered a tragic leadership loss.