How good is the God we serve! He has continued to bless The Wesleyan Church beyond measure, multiplying daily those who are being saved and discipled.

As we draw nearer to General Conference 2020, my prayer is that our Wesleyan churches unite and participate in what God has ordained for GC20 – that God would continue to Unleash a Kingdom Force around the world.

On May 31, we will celebrate with Christians around the world the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost (as referenced in Luke 2). As Wesleyans, we also celebrate the commencement of GC20.

Whether you are joining us on site in St. Louis, Missouri, or are unable to attend, you will have an opportunity to engage with us. For those unable to join in person, our livestream option will enable you to tune in.

On the afternoon and evening of May 31, livestream shows will allow us all to join together as a body of believers in ONE ROOM as ONE BODY, calling out in ONE VOICE for a fresh pouring out of the Spirit of God upon us. The afternoon livestream event will open General Conference proceedings, and the evening livestream show will allow for The Wesleyan Church as a whole to join in corporate worship and a guided time of prayer. Please take this opportunity on Pentecost Sunday to join in fellowship with your church families or in small groups, have a meal together, pray with one another and be in prayer with us for GC20.

For more information on how your congregation can engage with us on May 31, click here.

I am so encouraged by how I see God moving in and through the people of The Wesleyan Church. I pray that we can unite, as we saw of the early church in Acts 2, so that we will worship God and prayerfully seek an unleashing of his Spirit in and through us, his Kingdom Force, so that all can be Made New.