Even as a Christ-follower Ross Hoffman wondered if there was more–more than just attending church. He soon responded to God’s call to “simplicity,” valuing the eternal rather than things of the world. Ross’s call did not require him to change his occupation and become a missionary overseas. Instead, God asked him to change his preoccupation.

God calls every person to get involved with what he is about. Whether a minister or lay person, man or woman, missionary or teacher or businessman. No matter our occupation, God calls us to follow him in advancing his purposes. Dr. Steve DeNeff says that at its core, “the call is only a conversation God is having with us about something he is doing.”

Churches in the Atlantic District across the Maritime Canadian provinces have experienced God’s favor in some remarkable ways. One church hosted LOVE WEEK, which brought the people together to give gifts totaling over $70,000 to help others in need. Another church provides basic needs like diapers and baby clothing for many single moms, some of whom live in precarious situations at home.

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