The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes. (Ps. 19:8)

SO MANY ROLES, so few role models. As a woman, mother, pastor’s wife, and fledgling author and speaker, I desperately needed people wiser than I, women who’d been down the road and could offer insights. Enter Sibyl. I’d never met anyone like her. Her smile warms people clear down to the heart, and her eyes—her bright eyes—communicate the most amazing kindness and love. God found her, and as she processed her life journey, she healed, and her love grew. During her years serving at an enormous church, people would see her walking down the hallway and say, “Here comes Jesus in Sibyl.” Because, as she stayed close to Him, to His words, He transformed her. She learned the wisdom to speak into others’ lives, she earned the right to speak by loving well, and they trusted God speaking through her. Her radiance is its own witness.

The more we tune in to God’s Word, the more we listen and learn, the lighter our loads become. The more we process, the more we heal, the better we love. We are changed, and it shows up in our faces—less darkness, more shine. It’s just a matter of time before someone says, “Here comes Jesus, in you.”

Learn, earn, turn. When we follow after God in obedience, we will turn heads. Toward Him.

Examine where you need healing so God’s light may shine through you today.

Jane Rubietta is the author of the deeper devotions Finding Life, Finding the Messiah, and Finding Your Promise (Wesleyan Publishing House). She also loves life, words, the outdoors, and garden-fresh tomatoes.