Spring is a season when the call of God is mentioned in church perhaps more than other times of the year. Ministry leaders consider where God is leading them. Students wonder what God wants them to do in following his call. Others contemplate church-changing decisions with construction and renovation projects. All are asking for God’s Spirit to guide them. It is an interesting thing to ponder. Maybe it would be helpful to uncover how some process the will or call of God in their lives.

  • God’s call will never violate Scripture. God will not ask you to do something contrary to his eternal, inerrant truth. That would be like double-speak for God. He will never contradict himself.
  • God’s call is not necessarily the will of the crowd. While there are occasions when others will affirm the call of God in your life, God is not subject to popular human opinion. Face it. It is incredibly nice to be wanted and popular. However, that hasn’t always worked out so well when human interests and power plays try to trump God’s sovereign will.
  • God’s call sometimes makes complete sense on the surface. Sometimes what he is asking people to do seems ludicrous. Again, God’s volition supersedes human comfort zones or opinion. In time, it will all make sense. Maybe in heaven.
  • God will speak, but his message may include silence. How many times was the voice, even will of God silent in the historical, biblical accounts? Yet, he was preparing, if not speaking without words. Examples of this would be the time frames prior to the exodus, the flood, and the incarnation. What is God saying to you even when he seems to be silent?
  • God will reveal his will for you deep inside of you. Yes, it will take others, even the church to acknowledge that you are called of God for a certain work. But, don’t ever lose a firm hold on the fact that God is the one who made you. God is the one who is forming you into his likeness. He is the one who calls. And he is the one who will put his imprint on your heart and mind. No one else can do this. Don’t let others and circumstance confuse what God is revealing to you in the depths of your soul.

Does God still lead individuals, families, the church, and even the entire world? Absolutely! I need him to lead me. Do you? May we have the faith and courage to follow whoever he calls us to be as well as wherever he calls to serve. In doing so, may he alone be praised!

Jim Dunn is executive director of Church Multiplication and Discipleship for The Wesleyan Church.