For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. (Luke 19:10)

WONDERFUL THINGS HAPPEN when our children and grandchildren reach the age of ten. At ten, a child develops abilities, special interests, and talents that begin to shine through. Ten means a child has lived for a decade, which is considered by pediatricians to be a pinnacle in a child’s life. But God has known us from the very beginning of our existence. As the Creator, He knows who we are, what we do, and what we will become.

When Jesus traveled through Jericho and saw Zacchaeus sitting in a tree, He knew the true essence of this man was more than just being a tax collector. Zacchaeus proved his worth to Jesus by voluntarily giving away many of his possessions to the needy. By doing so, Zacchaeus demonstrated his faith in Christ and received salvation. Because Jesus came to this world to show compassion and humanity for all, His light to save the lost always shines.

Whether we are ten or one hundred ten, as children of God, we should follow the example of Zacchaeus to demonstrate our faith and the hope for a good and abundant life and a great salvation. As Jesus knew Zacchaeus, God knows each of us from the inside out, and He chooses to save us if we abide in Him and His calling upon our lives. Our transparency to God should ignite our best for Him.

Keep your light for Jesus shining at any age.

Billie Joy Langston writes Christian literature and serves as a Christian hospitality specialist. She is a member of Reid Temple AME Church, Glenn Dale, Maryland.