An interim leadership team will lead the South Carolina District of The Wesleyan Church beginning July 7, following the retirement of District Superintendent Buddy Rampey.

According to the statement from the South Carolina District Board of Administration, “Last fall, we began to explore what it might look like to deepen its connections with other districts through intentional partnerships. The DBA reported that this exploration and study had exposed them to a variety of leadership models that are emerging in our denomination.

“Following my retirement announcement, the DBA, in consultation with General Superintendent Wayne Schmidt, agreed to an interim situation for the 2018-2019 district year so they could continue to explore partnerships and future district leadership options,” Rampey said.

The DBA unanimously appointed Rev. Tom Harding as the interim district superintendent. Existing district staff members, Reverends Josh Ratliff, Richard Hall and Tony Casey, will join Harding on the district leadership team (DLT).

Harding, senior pastor of ALIVE Wesleyan Church in Central, will continue in that role. His interim district superintendent appointment will last through the 2019 South Carolina District conference when delegates will vote on a district leadership recommendation.

Harding, after seeking input from district superintendents and staff and people in ministry, identified a leadership focus list:

  • district superintendent: responsible for vision casting, DLT leadership development, establishing partnerships with other districts, recruitment.
  • assistant district superintendent: responsible for all operations.
  • church revitalization pastor: responsible to work with all level 1-2 churches through a team of district coaches (lay and ministerial) that will meet with these pastors monthly for accountability, encouragement and resourcing.
  • church multiplication: DLT is responsible for ongoing support of churches participating in the “Just One More” fund to empower kingdom building opportunities.
  • leadership development: DLT is responsible for providing opportunities for the discovery and development of district pastors’ unique leadership gifts.

“What an honor to be invited to what God is doing in South Carolina through The Wesleyan Church,” said Harding. “God is good, and the people of God are a beautiful people carrying the most important message of hope and redemption to everybody!”