In response to the growing demand for ministry education at all levels in convenient formats, Kingswood University is delighted to announce Kingswood Extended.

Kingswood Extended is an initiative that allows for the delivery of ministry education at any level (certificate, undergraduate, graduate) through any available means of delivery (off-site, online, hybrid, correspondence, directive) to any person, church or group of churches anywhere.

At the heart of Kingswood Extended are FLAME and correspondence courses, formerly offered through The Wesleyan Church. In addition to providing excellent ministry training for laypeople and clergy, these non-credit courses meet the academic requirements for credentialing in The Wesleyan Church through Education and Clergy Development.

FLAME launched in 1999 to provide accessible, affordable education in a format convenient to adult ministry students seeking training to fulfill their calling. Students engage in rigorous academic studies and practical ministry application in a community of accountability and encouragement.

The current model of delivery, continuing under the leadership of Kingswood Extended, combines live, online web conferencing with personal study. Students experience the benefit of interactive classroom teaching with the convenience and affordability of remote learning.

The FLAME program offers 23 courses to choose from. Courses are offered six times throughout the year on evenings and weekends and run for eight weeks, providing one week of pre-course and post-course work and six weeks of live classroom interaction.

The addition of correspondence courses to Kingswood Extended provides a second avenue for adult ministerial students, lay ministers and volunteers to prepare for effective ministry in the local church. From a selection of 27 courses, students work under the guidance of an instructor to complete courses at an independent pace with a flexible schedule that accommodates the unique demands of life.

In addition to FLAME and correspondence courses, Kingswood Extended serves students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees through a selection of online and directed study courses. These courses have been developed to meet the needs of individuals looking to earn university credit who may not be able to attend campus classes, need only a few courses or credits to finish their degree requirements, or who need the flexibility for their schedule that a non-traditional delivery model provides.

Kingswood Extended provides another avenue for Kingswood University to accomplish its mission to serve Jesus Christ by strengthening the local and global church through forming Christ-like servant leaders in a community that creatively blends academic excellence and practical ministry experience with intentional spiritual formation.

For additional information on FLAME courses, click here. For more information on correspondence courses, click here.

Pictured, left to right: Dr. Russ Gunsalus, executive director of Education and Clergy Development for The Wesleyan Church; Dr. Steve Lennox, president of Kingswood University; Dr. Janet Starks, vice president for Academic Affairs; and Andrea Gunter, director of Kingswood Extended.