I grew up in St. Louis and have lived in the surrounding area most of my life. One of my favorite places to visit, still today, is the St. Louis Science Center (STLSC).  

Named one of the top science centers in the United States for families by Parents magazine, the STLSC provides a day of fun. The museum provides experiences that are both informative and interactive, with lots of hands-on exhibits. Admission is free.  

As one of the only free non-profit science museums in the country, the STLSC complex is 96,000 square feet and has 700-plus interactive science-technology exhibits. These include Life Science Lab, Energy Stage and Game Xploration, along with the History of Space Travel at the Planetarium. It combines experimentation, creativity and play, helping people discover a passion for science and technology. The most recent addition is a one-acre outdoor exhibit called “GROW” that takes visitors on a journey of food, to gain a deeper understanding of our food supply. 

There are also ticketed areas that charge a fee for special activities, such as the OMNIMAX (four-story IMAX) Theater, shows at the James S. McDonnell Planetarium (one of the world’s largest planetariums) and the Discovery Room (an activity area for families with younger children). A food court is available for meals and snacks.  

 The Science Center is an excellent place for kids and adults with plenty to see and do at little or no cost at all. Wesleyans will enjoy some fun learning experiences at the STLSC.  

Donna Reece is an office manager for a transportation company and attends Gateway Church, Saint Peters, Missouri. She also serves on the district board of administration for the Tri-State District.  

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