For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish. (Ps. 1:6)

“I’M INNOCENT,” JOHN WROTE from prison. His letter continued: “I was framed and accused of child abuse, but I’m not guilty.”

John had read an article I had written, and since I live in a small town of less than four hundred people, it wasn’t difficult to contact me.

John claimed to be a Christian and he longed for someone to visit him in prison. An older man volunteered to visit John. George was a true friend, going the extra mile of appearing with John for a hearing.

One day when George visited John in prison, he discovered John was in the infirmary, suffering from an overdose of drugs. All of the time George had been trying to help John, John had been using drugs.

How sad that John had taken advantage of someone who wanted to be his friend. But are we ever guilty of doing the same with our forever Friend? Jesus loved us enough to die on a cross so we might have salvation. Do our lives reflect His presence within?

Have our Bibles gathered dust where they lie upon a shelf? The writer of Psalm 1 meditated upon God’s law day and night. How much time do we spend in communicating with our Lord, either through reading His Word or through prayer? Our Friend wants to keep in touch.

Take time each day to communicate with Jesus Christ.

Norma C. Mezoe lives in Sandborn, Indiana, where she is active in her church. She began writing after a crisis and has been a published writer for thirty years.