The following is a listing of Wesleyan pastors and leaders who have passed away. These notices were received January 3-31.

Rev. Nathan Beals (37) died January 24. He served as a pastor in Michigan.

Rev. David Crail (90) died November 24. He served Wesleyan churches in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Rev. W.C. (Carl) Jones (82) died January 22. He pastored churches in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Dr. Wingrove Taylor (94) died December 26. He was elected General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Holiness Church (Caribbean Provisional General Conference of The Wesleyan Church) and also served in other capacities.

Rev. Timothy “Bo” Waldrop (57) died January 16. He served as pastor of East Spartanburg Wesleyan Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Rev. Forrest E. “Dick” Whitener (81) died January 8. He pastored several Wesleyan churches and also severed as interim pastor at others.

Rev. Erma Willingham (89) died January 26. She pastored Wesleyan churches in Canada.

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