Living on the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri, has given our family a myriad of activities to enjoy over the years. My husband, Vaughn, and I can now share in those special times with grandchildren too. 

In January, we visited St. Louis’s newest attraction: the state-of-the-art and interactive St. Louis Aquarium. The aquarium is new to the city, opening on Christmas Day 2019.    

St. Louis Aquarium provides a home to more than 13,000 animals. Our visit was enjoyable and memorable.  

Located at the historic Union Station downtown, the aquarium is open seven days a week. It features Shark Canyon, a 250,000-gallon home to 80 sharks and stingrays, where arches allow visitors to walk underneath these members of the class Chondrichthyes. 

The aquarium experience begins with visitors doing a virtual train tour of St. Louis. Visitors enter a room and watch a film that virtually takes you around St. Louis, rather than simply reading about the city. Six global aquatic galleries follow, each open for exploration at the visitor’s paceIn one gallery, guests can get their hands wet by touching stingrays and other types of fish. The St. Louis Aquarium also includes interactive activities geared toward younger visitors 

Union Station boasts other visitor attractions including the St. Louis Wheel (a 200-foot Ferris wheel with enclosed climatecontrolled gondolas that allows riders, when at the top, to view the city skyline and Gateway Arch)minigolf course, carousel, mirror maze, a train park and ropes course. Several restaurants are also available throughout the station.  

Union Station is located 1 ½ miles from the America’s Center, site of General Conference 2020. 

Cindy Telfer is a registered nurse in St. Louis.  She attends Warrenton Wesleyan Church in Warrenton, Missouri, and serves on the district board of administration for the Tri-State District. 

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