Thousands of Wesleyans in North America and across the International Wesleyan Church will begin to read through the New Testament soon. The initiative is called “The Community Bible Experience.” I am looking forward to hearing from God in another trek through his story and the story of the early church. Why? Because Isaiah 55:11 is still true. God does do his work through his word, and it will never come back empty.

One of the unique opportunities of participating in the Community Bible Experience is the weekly meeting to discuss what God said in and through his word. Studying the truth of Jesus Christ in community is helpful for several reasons:

  • The shared experience and excitement of learning about God is priceless.
  • Everyone learns about applying God’s truth to everyday life.
  • Studying together often helps understand the word better.
  • Studying together allows for shared experiences.
  • Studying together gives space for addressing misunderstandings
  • Studying in community will help many address the fear of learning about God and his ways.
  • Meeting together as the Body of Christ will let you see the joy of watching God work in your life as well as other’s lives.

The plan covers eight weeks and is a great way to go through the Lenten Season sacrificing a bit of time to read and meet in order to grow deeper in your relationship with God and others. You do not have to be a Bible scholar. Here is a sampling of the questions you are encouraged to process in a small group after you read for the week:

What’s something you noticed for the first time?

What questions did you have?

Was there anything you read that bothered you?

What did you learn about loving God?

What did you learn about loving others?

Community. We were made to go through life with others. Check out the Community Bible Experience. Join thousands around the world as well as a handful in your area in a great cause. Read and apply the word of the Lord to everyday life and choices. You will grow from it. It will encourage others to know you’re going through life together.

If you are interested in participating with The Wesleyan Church in the Community Bible Experience, go to