He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. (Ps. 62:6)

ON MAY 24, 1944, Sergeant Sylvestor Antolak charged two hundred yards over an open plain to destroy a Nazi machine gun nest. Running ninety feet in front of his platoon, he was shot three times and knocked to the ground, but he continued his advance. When he got within forty-five feet of the machine gun nest, he opened fire, killing two of the gunmen, and compelling ten other German soldiers to surrender.

Minutes later, on a second, similar assault, Sgt. Antolak was killed instantly when he got within twenty-five feet of his target. Inspired by his bravery, his unit went on to overwhelm the Nazi encampment. For his courage, Sgt. Antolak was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

David used many allusions to his past experiences with battle in his psalms. He knew the high stakes of warfare. Even though the days of war were over for him, he saw the same evidence of political deception and the lust for power as he governed the nation of Israel. He was in no less need of God’s grace and courage as king as when he was running away from the madman Saul.

In the end, whether the Enemy is invisible or in plain sight, whether he works subtly or with loud fanfare, we are to trust in God as we face our daily battles. There is no other genuine source of hope than the Lord.

Assess whether you have each piece of the armor of God securely fastened, ready for battle.

Doug Schmidt is a freelance writer and editor and is on staff with his church as a small-groups coach.