The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. (Ex. 14:14)

“OK, OK . . . I’ll go,” the woman said as she headed for the cemetery. She could not live another day without emptying out her heart, mind, and soul to God. It seemed as though God was leading her on a trek to forgiveness. She felt so angry every time she thought of her abusive mother, and she had carried it for years. “If I tuck the anger deep inside, like a deleted file, I can go on with life,” she thought. But eventually she found that to be impossible.

One day, at God’s urging, she stood before her mother’s gravestone, laid her palms on the concrete, and prayed.

“Lord, please change my anger to love. I am unable to go another day carrying this deep-seated anger for my mother.”

She left that day, feeling about a hundred pounds lighter.

After years of stuffing the angry feelings, ignoring the Lord’s prompting, and trying to fight the battle herself, she came to the end of herself. She couldn’t take another step carrying her heavy load.

Through intense prayer and a strong desire to be free, she finally realized she could rely on God to fight life’s battles for her.

As the verse states, being still makes all the difference in the world. Knowing that God fights for you is a determining factor for victory.

Stillness before God is a sure way to notice His leadership.

Shirley A. Reynolds lives in a rural community, teaches elementary children at her church, and enjoys riding her ATV in the back woods.