WIWU-TV is showcasing Indiana Wesleyan University faculty in a new program, “IWU Best Lecture,” which debuted October 4 on the TV channel locally and on-demand worldwide via YouTube. The half-hour program uses selected IWU faculty from different programs across the campus, teaching their students in a “TED Talk” format on a topic they choose.

“We wanted to find a way to show our community what our students see every day – that we have some excellent teachers at Indiana Wesleyan University,” said Randall E. King, IWU director of broadcast media and show producer.

The first season of “IWU Best Lecture” includes topics such as immigration policy, Martin Luther’s legacy on the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, what relationship attachments mean to personal development and how to read the Bible and let the Bible read you. Faculty come from IWU’s School of Nursing, Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science and Theology and Ministry. The list will grow in the future as additional faculty lectures are recorded for presentation.

“It’s really a diverse group of scholars and I learned something new from each one as we recorded in the studio,” King said. “I think our viewers will find this is not like going to school at all. These talks are challenging and engaging and you will think and learn while you enjoy each one.”

“IWU Best Lecture” debuted Wednesday, Oct. 4, at 9:00 p.m. It has gone into rotation on WIWU-TV, airing multiple times a day with new shows released bi-weekly. WIWU-TV is on digital channel 51.1 in Grant County, Spectrum Cable Channel 23 and other cable systems in the region. The online versions can be found at YouTube.com/wiwutv51. Program guides for all programming are available at wiwutv.com.