Education and Clergy Development in the new quadrennium was to start a conference for clergy care givers—the counselors and others who offer front line assistance to pastors dealing with personal issues. The published focus of the conference is to “investigate best theories and practices for fostering clergy wellness.” The conference addresses these issues through various disciplines, including theology, bible, church history, psychology, and science. The conference was a joint effort between Education and Clergy Development and Indiana Wesleyan University (the Graduate School, School of Theology & Ministry, Graduate Counseling, and Wesley Seminary). The keynote speaker was Dr. Everett Worthington, Professor of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. He addressed the 80 plus participants regarding understanding self-condemnation, self-forgiveness, and how caregivers can help clergy. There were 15 presenters from a variety of institutions and counseling centers including among others, Houghton College, Indiana Wesleyan University, Asbury Theological Seminary, Regent University, Colorado Christian University, Alongside Ministry, St. Elizabeth Medical Center, and others. A variety of issues facing clergy were addressed including issues of sexuality, pastoral identity, anxiety, burnout, marriage, and more. The conference was greeted enthusiastically by the participants and presenters alike. Russ Gunsalus, Executive Director of Education and Clergy Development, stated that this conference is an important step in addressing long-term clergy care issues by “bringing together the best and brightest to help clergy to flourish for a lifetime of ministry.” Dr. Ken Schenck from Wesley Seminary and member of the planning team, stated, “ I found the conference very refreshing. It’s nice when a conference gives you words and categories for your intuitions and reorients you to the basic priorities of life.” Next year’s conference will take place at Indiana Wesleyan University, September 19, 2014.